Push Up Challenge

In South Africa approximately 6,476 people commit suicide in a year.

A push-up is great way to strengthen one’s mental health through physical activity.
The push-up challenge is in honour of Adam Seef, and is in solidarity with everyone who is suffering from mental illness. It is a means to reassert that every life matters and that no one is ever alone.

The Push-up challenge was inspired by Australia’s National Youth Mental Health Organisation who started this challenge in 2018. Every year they reach out to the public to push themselves up to remember the lives lost due to suicide. On top of that they raise money which is donated to a mental health organisation based in Australia.

6,476 push-ups for 6,476 lives lost to suicide.

The challenge will start on the 22nd of May. The 6,476 push-ups will be completed in 18 days. In order to complete the 6,476 push-ups during this time frame, an average of 359 push-ups will need to be done each day. It’s is therefore advised, but not compulsory, to form teams of up to 15 people in order to complete the daily alotted push-ups, and therefore the overall 6,476 push-ups, collectively. We encourage one person per group to keep a tally of the push-ups completed.

Video yourself doing your push-ups everyday and post it on your instagram story tagging @adamsforum with the #push-upchallenge. Adams forum will post different statistics relating to mental illness, everyday, to remind you to do your push-ups and to make you aware of the impact that mental illness has on our community and hence to further encourage you to prioritize your own mental health and that of others.
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The push-up challenge is in honour of our son, grandchild and friend, Adam Seef and in support of
anyone who needs it.

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