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My advice from my experience

You also asked me to send advise for anyone who suffers from mental illness. Even though it's a really hard question cause everyone suffers and deals with their mental illness differently even when you have the same diagnosis. I really do believe that having some sort of support is helpful. If it's a friend, or family, or a therapist that you really connect to, it is so helpful to let it out. It is so confusing and overwhelming, suffering from a mental illness and if you have some sort of positive outlet it helps to understand yourself better. The more you understand your illness and really come to terms with it, unfortunately, the better you can help yourself. It really is just trying to breathe while you suffocating. Telling someone to calm down and everything will be okay, seems positive to you but for someone who is suffering from a mental illness, it just makes it more frustrating. I really do think that you just need to take it hour by hour, minute by minute otherwise it's too much. It is so lonely and scary so just find something or someone you can hold onto and I am really sorry and I totally feel you, for anyone who suffers from any sort of mental illness...
-Lyr Weltsman

I so agree! My anxiety makes it seem like everything bad in the world is happening all at once, right now, right before my eyes. But once I slow down, breathe and confide in someone, the weight of my issues aren’t all on me anymore.


Guys don’t you think that it’s great that we finally have a place where we can be real 


sound approach to always try share how you feel , at least I think 


Dealing with suicide of a friend who shot himself He had threatened for years ,and his friends and family never believed he would do it until family found that he had Just thinking that every threat has to be taken seriously


Family keeps asking WHY ?

Did he not love them enuff 2 have him think of them b4 he pulled the trigger What do I answer them ?


It feels when things like this happen that more could have been done to prevent it specially if the person was threatening. Do not take this on as its an impossibly hard thing to deal with but that very simple thought in healing from a loss of that nature can become a stumbling block.

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