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Mental Health Awareness


You haven't been feeling well- you have a sore throat, a headache, a temperature (hopefully not Corona) and you want to get better- nobody likes feeling sick right? So you go to the doctor. You have a strept throat, you get anti-biotics, tell your friends you sick and you miss school. Do you feel uncomfortable to tell anyone you not feeling great? Do you feel awkward and resistant about going to the Doctor? Do you want to keep it a secret that you are on anti-biotics? Are you scared of what people may think of you because you have a sore throat? Chances are that you don't. Everyone gets sick. Its normal. Here we are thinking about physical health.

Let's think about the same situation, but instead you don't have a sore throat, headache or a temperature. You feeling down, apathetic, you don't want to do the things you normally love to do, you have no energy, don't feel like seeing your friends and your appetite has changed- and you don't like feeling this way. So, you go to a psychologist. You get diagnosed with depression and go on anti-depressants.  Not much difference between the things you need to do to get rid of a strept throat? A professional, a diagnosis and medicine.

But how do you feel about telling your friends? How do you feel about taking the anti-depressants? Do you feel as comfortable about going to the psychologist as you would a doctor? For many people, they wouldn't want to tell. They may feel awkward, embarrassed or uncomfortable about such things? But why! Why is there such a difference between physical health and mental health?  There is a stigma about not being mentally well, one that has caused us to be ashamed. But there is no difference- physical health is just as important as mental health. In fact, research shows that they are related to one another. People die of depression, just as people die of cancer, pneumonia or asthma attacks. We therefore need to take it as seriously. Mental illness needs to be normalised, just as physical illness is. Would anyone ever tell someone with a physical illness to 'just get over it' or "It's all in your head"? No- they would get the support, love and care they require. So why would we tell someone who is suffering of mental illness to "just get over it" or that "it's all in their head"- they too require the same support, love and care.

 Emotional pain is just as valid as physical pain- you never have to be ashamed.

Please remember- you don't have to be positive or feel happy all the time. You are a human- with a wealth of emotions- not a robot. Your feelings are valid.

;- its okay to not be okay.


Great read!


why the heck such a difference in people’s perceptions ?

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